"CrossFit has absolutely changed my life."

“Learn. Work. Play. Have fun.” Those are the words that kept me going to my 6.30pm CrossFit class almost every day. Because not going meant I would lose myself. Before CrossFit, I felt like I was slowly disappearing from earth. There are moments when I could barely breathe because the pain in my chest was just too painful. There are days when I don’t even want to get up from bed, because my joints were too painful to move. At 18, I was slowly crushing in my own body. By 23, after 5 years of misdiagnosed, I was finally diagnosed with joint hypermobility syndrome (JHS). In other words, I have loose ligaments, constant pain in my joints and there’s no cure or treatment. The team of doctors who

"At first it seemed impossible for someone my size and weight to do CrossFit".

Hi, my name is Azzfar, and I would like to share with you my CrossFit journey. At first I have never ever thought of signing up for CrossFit because it seems impossible for someone my size and weight to do CrossFit. But after being persuaded by my friends, I gave in and signed up for the CrossFit On-Ramp in August 2015. At the beginning I kept asking myself during class, why did I put myself in this position?! I kept telling myself “Just finish On-ramp, and that’s it! No more CrossFit for me”. But surprisingly after a few classes, I started to enjoy it! I continued with CrossFit until today! CrossFit has helped me a lot in terms of my stamina and confidence. I can definitely feel my stamina

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