Member Spotlight - Julie

1. Name: Julie Tomlinson 2. Age: 38 3. Occupation: Expat wife/mom (engineer on hiatus) 4. How long have you been at CrossFit 399? Just over a year. 5. What do you enjoy doing outside of CrossFit? Traveling around SE Asia, teaching math at a local refugee school, keeping up with my son Colin (17 months old). {bonus} Why do you do CrossFit? You know, being a new mom is really tough. Beyond the expected sleeplessness, worries about parenting, changing body, and unbalanced hormones, I felt like I lost a bit of my self-identity those first few months. Going to CrossFit just two or three times a week was something I could do just for me -- a little bit of time to focus on myself and my needs. Now

6 Spoilers about Fitness.

If these are your reasons for being afraid of the big bad fitness wolf, we hear you and please read on. NOTE: Pictures are Google'd and does NOT reflect the people in CrossFit 399. 1. GO HARD OR GO HOME. SPOILER ALERT: We are NOT training to be in the CrossFit Games. We train for health and fitness. 2. TOO DIFFICULT. SPOILER ALERT: Everyone who enters our gym takes baby steps to get to where they are today. Get started with our On-Ramp course! 3. HOT-LOOKING PEOPLE. SPOILER ALERT: Fitness models do not train in our gym, however if you do encounter someone who looks like them, be sure to give them a hi-five because I bet it was a long and hard journey for them to look the way they look. 4. TO

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