Do I need to be in shape before trying CrossFit?


Nope you don't have to. CrossFit is universally scalable and can be done by anyone! Whether you are a college student who thrives on adrenaline, a deskbound worker who lacks adrenaline, a stay-home parent who can't keep up with the kids, or a grandmother who just wants to take care of herself for as long as possible, CrossFit is for you.

What do you mean by 'scalable'?


It means modifying the workouts to your level of fitness or to your level of ability. In CrossFit, we believe intensity drives results. When a workout is scaled for you - whether it is the amount of weights lifted, the number of reps performed, or a skilled movement - the workout is modified to match your capabilities while maintaining its safe and challenging elements. Scaling is taught during the On-Ramp classes and with on-going assistance from your coach. As your fitness level increases, you are involved in determining when and how to modify weights, reps, or movements to obtain intensity. 

What is CrossFit?


The basis of CrossFit is to get you to be good at everything, while not specialising in anything. CrossFit workouts change daily because we believe routine is the enemy and we get you prepared for the unknown.


CrossFit focuses on functional things that will benefit you in the real world: Carrying groceries to/from your car in one trip. Picking your 3-year old up from the floor. Lifting boxes to top shelves. Running away from stalkers, etc. The real world is full of 'free weights' in which CrossFit helps you develop the athleticsm to manoeuvre safely and effectively. 


In the real world we are often faced with tasks that need to be completed within a time frame. In CrossFit we mimic life and time-capped our workouts anywhere from 2 minutes all the way up to 1 hour. Hence you learn when to speed up and when to take your time, for efficiency.


In CrossFit you will see movements ranging from gymnastics (push-ups, pull-ups, burpees, handstands) to weightlifting/strength (clean & jerk, snatch, squat, press, deadlift) to cyclical movements (running, rowing, jumping, skipping) and the occasional odd object movements (kettlebells, medicine balls, rope climbs etc). The more random things we throw at you, the fitter you will become.


In a CrossFit setting you will push yourself harder and do things you never thought you were capable of doing; because the person next to you is moving faster and you feel challenged. A community behind you is cheering you on. And each workout you complete is celebrated for your hard and honest effort. This competitive yet healthy atmosphere creates the intensity and results that are unobtainable in other fitness grounds.





Frequently Asked Questions


I just want to lose weight. Can CrossFit help me?




CrossFit promotes movement (especially the functional types). If you're moving often enough, as randomly as possible, and eating quality food, we don't see why you wouldn't be losing weight.

I'm intimidated being in a group class because I'm not fit/ weak/ overweight/ shy.


First of all, no one in class will be looking at you (except for the coach). A lot of things will be happening in the 1-hour class to keep each person occupied, so the last thing you should worry about is being judged. Secondly, CrossFitters do not judge. The 'fittest' person you may see in class would have most likely started CrossFit just like you.


However if you have a condition that requires a coach's undivided attention or simply prefer a more personal setting, please speak to any of our coaches about Personal Trainings.