"At first it seemed impossible for someone my size and weight to do CrossFit".

Hi, my name is Azzfar, and I would like to share with you my CrossFit journey. At first I have never ever thought of signing up for CrossFit because it seems impossible for someone my size and weight to do CrossFit. But after being persuaded by my friends, I gave in and signed up for the CrossFit On-Ramp in August 2015. At the beginning I kept asking myself during class, why did I put myself in this position?! I kept telling myself “Just finish On-ramp, and that’s it! No more CrossFit for me”. But surprisingly after a few classes, I started to enjoy it! I continued with CrossFit until today!

CrossFit has helped me a lot in terms of my stamina and confidence. I can definitely feel my stamina has improved! But the biggest impact is that CrossFit has helped me is to regain my shoulder strength because I broke my shoulder last year in a car accident. But with the proper guidance and training received, I can feel the difference in my shoulder strength and mobility.

What I love the most about CrossFit is that I manage to learn new things that I never could imagine I could do. Pushing myself beyond my limits and keep on improving myself is what I love most. Other than that, my family and friends can see the difference in my appearance. They started to see me losing weight and looking better each time. It is a great feeling when other people can see the difference after all the effort you have put in.

There is nothing that I hate about CrossFit except for the body aches after each workout. But I think that is normal for everyone, no pain, no gain!

What made me continue CrossFit is that I want to keep on improving myself. Every class we will learn something new or we will keep on improving ourselves since improving own self is a never ending process. Other than that, I would love to have a leaner body as well. So for those who have never tried CrossFit, please do try it. I can promise you that you will love it!

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