Why CrossFit is for everyone

Come into our gym and you will find that majority of our members started their CrossFit journey with little to no prior experience with fitness. And without realizing it, but by consistently working out and following a programme (because this shit is FUN!) they managed to meet their fitness and health goals. So how do these members do it?

The CrossFit programme is designed to be easily modified/ adjusted/ scaled. If lifting 20kg is out of your range, lift 5kg, or maybe lift an unweighted PVC pipe. If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t do push-ups, lean forward a wall and push-up. Can’t do 5 rounds? Do 2 rounds.

How to modify a workout? Ask the ever-ready coach that will be available in every CrossFit class. They are at your dispense (ahem, during class hours) for anything fitness-related.

Any ability level can start CrossFit and beginners make progress very quickly. You just need to START.

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