Your "Why"

Call it 'goal setting', 'target', 'objective', 'fitspiration', 'Hollywood dreams', etc... we simply call it the 'Whys". Here are some 'whys' we usually hear around the gym:

- because I need to lose weight,

- Hari Raya is around the corner,

- Sister's wedding/ my wedding/ Spartan race is coming up,

- I want to look like _____________ (insert 'fitspiration' name)

And here are some brilliant 'whys' we have heard too:

- I lack confidence. I need a booster. - I want to be able to play/ keep up with my kids. - I have a family history of ___________ (insert sickness), I need this.

- I am home-nursing my mom, I need to be fit enough to carry her (true story...and very touching too).

Dig deeper into your 'whys'. Write it down on a piece of paper, put it in your wallet/purse, magnet pin it to your fridge door, key it into your daily alarm in your phone, so you will never forget. Whenever you get distracted by life (or PMS), pull out that piece of paper/ phone and get back to your 'WHY'.

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