We’ve all heard this before. The number one reason why we’re not motivated enough to stick to a fitness routine – the lack of accountability. It is super easy to let yourself down if you are not accountable to anyone. It is harder though, to let someone else down, which is why working out in a group is great. Here are some tips to be start being accountable:

  • Get a workout buddy. If you don’t have one, lucky for you, we have a group of fantastic people in our gym who will be more than happy to be your gym buddy. You can pick one, or all of them, and don’t let each other down! Keep showing up.

  • Throw in some fear or negative reinforcements (in a friendly sorta way). For example, if you fail to train 3x a week this whole month, you will donate RM500 to charity. Or buy your coach coffee for a whole month.

  • Set yourself a time frame for a challenge. Start with something simple and achievable. Tell your coach or gym buddy or someone you know (or fear) who will kick your butt hard if you don’t achieve it.

  • Join a gym that actively keeps its members accountable. We know a good one ;)

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